Warsaw Set To Hold Junk Market

Homer May
County Reporter
Warsaw Area Chamber of Commerce Director Mac Vorce pitched an idea to the City’s Board of Alderpersons, Monday evening March 19, which he called a “Main Street Junk Market,” to take place 8 AM - 3 PM June 16 on downtown Main Street and in several other venues around town. He asked the City to close portions of downtown Main St. for the event, which could see about 30 vendors selling all kinds of used items some might call “junk,” but antique shops could call “junique.” Vorce thought the event could evolve into a bigger annual event. Alderpersons agreed with his request.
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Lou Breshears, Eric Masoner, Terry Marshall Sr., Adam Howe, Eric Flores, Dave Williams present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First business the group conducted was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of a previous meeting, then agree to pay bills presented. Visitor Kristi Pfleiderer, with Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission invited Board members to a 10 AM April 19 meet-and-greet session to be held at Harbor Village. Refreshments will be served.
Under new business and citing safety concerns, the group approved an ordinance closing personnel records containing personal information relating to City employees. City Administrator Randy Pogue followed with information he recently received while training to update his economic development skills. He reported aircraft fuel sales are climbing at Warsaw’s Municipal Airport. People Service Manager Mark Breshears said smoke testing in the City is almost complete, with 25-30 other sites, mostly residences, yet to be done. Police Chief Jason Wenberg discussed alternative uniforms for certain situations such as hot weather, adding that he had donated a taser to the Warsaw School District. He expected a March 26 delivery of the new police vehicle. Other Departments, Boards and Commissions delivered reports without comment.
The open meeting went into closed session about 6:25 PM. The open sessions are usually held on 1st and 3rd Mondays; visitors are welcome