WHS Cheerleaders Gain National Recognition

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Take a good look at the picture above and say that cheerleaders are not athletes. Dallas H. from ICA conducted cheer leading camp WHS last week. She was assisted by Holly Helms.
The Warsaw high school cheerleaders were awarded the Technical Excellence award, S.T.U.N.T safe award, and were give a bid to Nationals. They also became NFHS credentialed. 
The cheerleaders to make the All American Team consist of: Morgan Branson, Ariel Givens, Jolina Givens, Andrea Merritt, Darby Mostaffa. Natile Johnson was awarded Top All American - receiving the highest score during all American tryout.
The Warsaw Lady Wildcats included Jolina Givens, Ariel Givens Natlie Johnson Emma McWilliam, Morgan Branson, Andrea Merritt, Haley Dwyer, Darby Mostaffa Jamie Jorgese, Aubrianna Umlauf and Cassidy Parks.