WHS Football Camp Opens Amid Summer Heat

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Football camp opened this week at WHS. Some 50 boys showed up on Monday. It was a typical opening day as the players tried to survive the heat. There was a nice breeze at times and there were no dogs on the field. That was certainly an improvement over the seven on seven scrimmages earlier this summer.
The bad news was that their projected starting quarterback Sophomore Brady Slavens has a fracture ankle and will be out two weeks. His backup, Senior Matt Couzens once again showed a great arm and a great work ethic. Freshman Nick Bagley took a few snaps and looked pretty good.
Sophomore Jack Gardner looked good at wide receiver. Senior Aiden Comer could be someone to watch this season. Senior Clayton Simons should again be the favorite target of whoever the quarterback ends up being. Chase Steiner needs to be commended for his willingness and his desire to play. No one plays harder. Tall Junior Gavin Roth could be another big surprise. As always, Zach Chapman is very vocal on the field and they will need a leader to step up this summer.
This season they are playing under the banner of the Ozark Highland Conference. If you remember, it was Ozark Highland, then Ozark Mountain last year and now it is back to Ozark Highland.
In any event, they have the same schedule as last season. They go on the road for three games and then come back home for homecoming against Sherwood. It will be interesting to see how Pigskin Magazine rates them this time around.
All of the boys need to be complimented for their hard work and their dedication to the game. Should be an interesting week.
Lincoln's football camp also opened this week and the BCE will have a full report on their progress next week.